Barrel-Heaters55 gallon drums are the standard for storing bulk liquids. It’s not unusual to use a 55 gallon drum to hold paint, gases, chemicals, oil, and food products; all of which must be kept at optimal temperatures for safe keeping. Heating belts and warming ovens can be hazardous and are unnecessary when there is now a much easier way to keep drums & barrels warm.

Powerblanket manufactures a blanket designed specifically for heating 55 gallon drums and barrels. This blanket is an innovative design that takes the hassle out of warming these drums or barrels. The blanket also comes with a built-in thermostat which ensures a constant temperature, so you will never over or under heat your drum content again.

The blanket is safe to use on most metal or plastic containers. In addition, each barrel-blanket heater has a 6 foot male power cord, allowing up to 5 blankets to be plugged into a single 120V, 20A wall outlet.

The 55 gallon Powerblanket is not only innovative, it’s also energy efficient. It’s design includes:

  • Insulated wrap around design to evenly spread heat throughout material in the blanket
  • Heat spreading technology reduces wattage needed to achieve optimal heat
  • Adjustable straps for a secure fit
  • UL / CSA Rating
  • Waterproof / UV vinyl shell
  • Internal thermostatic controller eliminates over/under heating
  • Works on metal and plastic barrels, drums, buckets and tanks

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