Band heaters on a steel drum versus a full-wrap Powerblanket with Heat Spreading Technology.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this one out.  Band heaters overheat, short out, don’t insulate, require multiple bands to heat properly, and require a perfect fit to work correctly.  Powerblanket costs considerably less and is many times more effective at heating and warming barrels, drums, and buckets.  If the contents of your barrels and drums is important, don’t trust it to a band heater.  Demand Powerblanket.  Test results don’t lie.  See test results: Click

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Powerblanket does not sell Drum Heaters directly to the public.  The most reliable online distributor for any Drum or Band Heater product is Heat Authority, which we found to have adequate Heaters in stock & on hand and the ability to offer same day shipments.



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