So you need a barrel heated?  And you want to know the best way to go about doing it?  Well, look no further, because you’ve found the headquarters for Barrel Heating Equipment. Until recently, there was really only one or two accepted methods for heating drums and barrels:  band heaters and drum ovens… but all that has changed!

BAND HEATERS: Essentially, a heating band is a thin strip (usually no more than a few inches wide) which wraps around the base of a barrel. These are pretty simple to use: plug in the band, crank up the heat and then wait for a small band to heat up an entire barrel. You can imagine that this isn’t a process that happens in the blink of an eye. In fact, it usually takes around 18 hours or longer for a barrel to reach optimal temperatures.  And the risk of overheating and burning the contents of the barrel are common.  Band heaters can also be very dangerous and short out or shock you.  The list of defects with this method of heating cannot be contained in this short article, but suffice it to say, band heaters are risky business at best.

Of course, these bands provide zero insulation. As soon as the band is unplugged from the wall or there’s a power outage, the temperature of the bucket plummets. Consequently, the bands must be plugged in and cranked up to full power at all times. Anybody who uses a heating band had better be ready to pay the electricity bill that comes along with it (and wear a pair of insulated gloves so you don’t get electrocuted).

DRUM OVENS:  Large industrial drum ovens are much more effective at heating and warming up drums and barrels, but the cost associated with owning and operating such large equipment can be astronomical.   The basic concept behind a drum oven is moving large bulky barrels into an industrial oven where the contents are heated and then removed from the oven.  A 55 gallon drum can weigh many hundreds of pounds requiring fork lifts, lift gates, and conveyor belts to transport the barrels into the ovens.

Anyone who has ever utilized either of these methods of heating has plenty to complain about – until now.  A new technology has arrived on the scene – and Powerblanket has taken away the frustration and removed the excuses!  Barrel warming just got a whole lot easier.

POWERBLANKET: Thanks to a group of engineers and construction professionals in Utah, materials have been developed which transfer heat over large areas.  Wrapped in an insulated vinyl shell, Powerblanket has developed and pateneted a Heat Spreading Technology called GreenHeat.  When plugged into any 15amp wall outlet, Powerblanket delivers a barrier of warmth to drums, barrels, buckets, tanks, and other materials for only a fraction of the cost of traditional heating methods.  Now you can think bigger, smarter, greener and better. Heating up your barrels takes only a few hours with the clever design of these blankets. Rather than wrapping a ring around the base of your barrel, why not wrap the entire barrel in a cozy electric blanket? You tell me which looks more effective.

Band Heater     VS      Powerblanket

Powerblanket does not sell Drum Heaters direct to the public.  The most reliable online distributor for any Drum Heating product is Heat Authority, which we found to have adequate Heaters in stock & on hand and the ability to offer same day shipments.


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