Drum HeatersMethods for heating barrels, tanks, and drums vary greatly.  Our search for EFFECTIVE methods & NEW technologies lead us to a couple of very interesting developments in the field of polymers and resins.

Several years ago, a little known company sprung up in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.  The owner was a contractor with a background in construction and concrete.  Each winter, he was faced with the challenge of battling the effects of wind, snow, and freezing temperatures.  Rather than throw in the towel, he set out to find an economical solution that would allow him to thaw ground, cure concrete, and protect his equipment in the harsh Utah weather.

His vision, was to develop a lightweight material that could be spread out over the ground, then heated to specific temperatures for thawing, melting, curing, and insulating.  After months of painstaking experimentation, he stumble upon a unique combination of carbon fiber polymers that acted as a heat sink when heat was applied.  Initially, he used the materials in large blankets to heat the ground prior to his concrete pours, and to insulate/cure concrete.  As he refined the materials and processes he noticed wide reaching applications for this new patented material.

Drum Heater

GreenHeat Technology was born, and a new era of heating technology was ushered in.  Distributed through HEAT AUTHORITY, GreenHeat is now being used to heat everything from small buckets to very large silos.  These lightweight blankets are economical to operate and easy to transport and the best part of this story is… now you can own a GreenHeat product and put this amazing technology to work for you!

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